Workshops We Offer

Our workshops are offered online several times per year. Please contact us or sign up for our mailing list for more information on availability.

Women & Wealth

A Women’s Financial Seminar

If you’re recently divorced or going through a divorce, you know the challenges of managing your day-to-day financial decisions in your new life. With the Women & Wealth Workshop, women increase their confidence in making investment and financial choices. You may even make new friends!

Open Enrollment 101

Understanding Your Open Enrollment Options

Want to make the most of your benefits? For some of us, open enrollment increases anxiety rather than creates peace of mind. We’ll discuss options for life insurance, disability, medical and retirement savings and how to determine the best choices. Consider your questions answered.

Estate Planning 101

The Estate Planning Basics Everyone Should Know

Do you have a clear understanding of how your death would impact your loved ones and your assets? Understand why estate planning should be part of your financial plan, and get an overview of the documents you want to establish and update so you can protect and empower those you love.

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