We specialize in financial planning for women

As a woman-owned and operated wealth management firm, we are fully committed to addressing the unique financial planning needs and experiences of independent women and female-led households.

We’re skilled in supporting women’s financial decisions following divorce and other life transitions. Are you ready for a financial planning partner that gets you?

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Women-centered financial planning

If you’re exhausted by the old models where men dispense their expert advice, Integrity Financial Strategies is your place to relax and get comfortable with your financial future. As a mother-daughter team, we promise to treat you better and center our approach around your values and priorities.

Your trusted financial partner

Listening and collaborating are part of our culture as women, and we proudly carry that into our business. Our most trusted advisors make us feel comfortable. They’re interested in us as individuals, and they don’t judge. Our client relationships look a lot like friendships because we’re committed to you as a whole person, and we’re not just trying to sell you something. You can count on us to be your advocate and protect you, even when your energy is low and your stress is high.

A portfolio attuned to your future

It’s hard to be in the present when you’re constantly worried whether you’ll have the resources you need in the future. Taking a break from your career or choosing to stay home for the long-term? Dealing with a financial bump in the road? We can help you maximize current earnings and establish the financial plan that can lead to a retirement lifestyle you choose. We will help you evaluate risks and identify your comfort level, then optimize returns so you can focus on enjoying your daily life.

Education to understand & empower

We want you to always feel confident and comfortable with our advice. We’re not going to use financial terms or jargon to intimidate you or reinforce our expertise. We want you to fully understand our actions and advice, so client education is part of every discussion, especially when it comes to reviewing your portfolio. We provide women-centered financial education throughout the year because we want both our clients and women in the community to better understand ways they can empower their futures through sound financial decisions.

Women and Finances Workshops

At Integrity Financial Strategies, we know that women have different financial needs. Although we love working with men, women, and couples, we provide workshops specifically for women. We’ve built our practice working with women experiencing life transitions such as divorce and would love to share our financial knowledge with you.

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